Depending on your story depends on the system, no head or hair is the same…

The Hair system is integrated with your own hair or can be done by using medical grade tape for attachment.

With the integrated system there is maintenance, every 4-6 weeks a tightening will be required. Depending on your lifestyle this can alter your fittings, you may need to have your tightening done sooner or later. We do advise on every visit for when a tightening or realignment will be needed. This is where the system is removed and replaced after some months.


A light, yet durable mesh is secured to your scalp using your existing hair or if you have total hair loss, we use specialist surgical tape. 100% real hair extensions are expertly attached to the mesh, with unique and lightweight fixings that help to create the look and feel of natural hair.

Our Hair System can add volume to thinning or patchy hair or provide the best solution for total hair loss. Women tell us that their system soon feels like part of them and they actually forget it’s not their real hair!

Our hair loss system is incredibly safe as it’s non-invasive and non-surgical. We don’t use any hot glue or wax to attach the hair to the head. Instead we attach the hair extensions to the mesh to mirror the natural fall of hair.

You’re Unique … and so is every Hair System

No two people are the same, so no two Hair System can be the same.

Each system is custom-fitted to each individual client. You can choose what style and colour you start with and even the type of hair you would like, such as straight or with a natural wave. And if you want to enjoy a regular trip to see your stylist, you can do that too.



Your new hair system can be washed in the shower, making it simple and convenient to look after and keep it looking lush. You can also go to the salon to have a blow dry also, we recommend that sulphate free products are used. When washing the products out make sure it is properly rinsed through and no product is left, to prevent any build up.


A full system is where your whole head or the majority of your head is affected and the cover you have is not enough. A full system depending on your needs and requirements can be a fully integrated if you are going through medical treatment or have no hair to attach to. Do not worry full grade medical tape is used for attachment.


A partial system can be anything from a patch to a parting. If you are unsure on the affected area please contact us and will we happily guide you through your options. We are always here to give advice, so do not think we cannot help.


Mens Hair systems can be anything from a patch to am full head. Attachment can range from glue to tape or both depending on your lifestyle. The systems also range due to lifestyle, from a breathable lace to a fine PU material.


So people can maintain their own system be re-taping or gluing when required, but a deep clean and reinstall is required from 4-6 weeks. The life spam of the hair system is dependent on the persons lifestyle, maintenance and personal preference. The average life spam is 6 months.


If you are unsure on the affected area please contact us and will we happily guide you through your options. We are always here to give advice, so do not think we cannot help.




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